Independent Local Selection Enrollment

Independent Local Selection is a pattern of selection carried out independently by IAIN Kendari in an integrated system; this selection occurs following the completion of the SPAN-PTKIN and UM-PTKIN selections.

This selection is carried out by the Implementing Committee appointed by the Rector of IAIN Kendari, and the prospective student is responsible for the registration fee.

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Registration is as follows:

  1. Students visit SIA IAIN Kendari website at or by clicking Register and complete filling out the form.
  2. Continue by uploading the diploma (which is required for prior year grads) or SKHU / SKL / final semester report cards for that year’s graduates, followed by the Identity Card, and the Official Photo Pass.
  3. Print the Registration Slip and pay the payment by Bank/ATM/MBanking. The Registration Slip contains information on the registration fees and procedures.
  4. After payment, please login to the SIA page at using the account listed on the Registration Slip and wait for committee verification (if you have paid and have not received confirmation, please contact the committee’s cellphone number listed at the bottom of this website);
  5. If the Committee verifies your registration paperwork satisfactorily, you will select three (three) study programs.
  6. Complete FINALIZATION and print the test card; once finalization is complete, the data cannot be modified.
  7. The Exam Schedule is given on the exam card.
  8. Exam conducted through CBT (computer-based testing) at